Statement : from Trustees of WRRC

The WRRC in Maria Place is now completely closed until further notice.

Although recycling is listed as an essential business and the Centre was originally to remain open, the experience of the last two days has demonstrated that it is not possible to ensure that the protocols set by the Government, such as 2m distancing, will be practiced given that the roadfront drop off is open 24/7. 

While it has been possible to protect our staff by closing off the rear dropoff,  this danger is exposed if they are required to police the roadfront dropoff. The Trustees wish to support the Government’s lockdown protocols and not give a further reason for the public to leave their homes.

Options for recycling are now :

  • Store until the Centre reopens
  • Dispose along with your regular general waste collection.





Thanks a million Fiona for your support

Another one of our local customers who has generously dropped off some home baking products for the team at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre. Fiona Siddals is a regular client, and appreciates the effort and service our team members provide every time she visits the centre. Thanks a million Fiona for your support.

Donald Trott gifts an 8th anniversary cake to WRRC

One of our most regular and respected customers Donald Trott gifts a celebration cake to the staff at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre. Seen here presenting the 8th anniversary cake to the Centre Manager Dale Cobb.

Cobb says, “Donald is one of a group of very unique individuals who visit the site regularly, a real gem and genuine good bugger who makes us all feel very special here at the centre. He has been gifting cakes on an annual basis for a number of years now, and we can’t thank Donald enough for his generous support. “

The Green Factor…Growing our Greenwaste

We are getting lots of Green-waste dropped off at the WRRC.  The wide concrete surface of our collection bay allows for easy backing and unloading. And there’s an added bonus… No MUD to trample through if you’ve forgotten to throw your gumboots in the car before leaving home!

Come on down. Our Prices are the lowest and most affordable in town.  And while you’re here – check out some of the other amazing services we have onsite.



We DO take lawn clippings, garden waste, shrubs and vegetation:)

We don’t take SOIL, Fill, Bricks, Concrete, Rubble, Flax,  Tree STUMPS, Yucca, Fan Palm or Cabbage Tree foliage. All of these products get caught up in and damage the mobile shredding plant!