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Jona Nareki recycling at Wanganui Resource Recovery Centre

Proof that NZ Sevens All Blacks also recycle. Proud to have Jona Nareki recycle product here at the WRRC, and taking time to rest at home with his family in Whanganui before the rugby season kicks off again.

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Thanks a million Fiona for your support

Another one of our local customers who has generously dropped off some home baking products for the team at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre. Fiona Siddals is a regular client, and appreciates the effort and service our team members provide every time she visits the centre. Thanks a million Fiona for your support.

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Latest News

Whanganui Schools – Playing their part in Recycling

Did you know that once a month, our team here at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre visit no less than 24 schools in the greater Whanganui region to collect recycled waste. Give us a call on 06 348 7950, and we will put you in touch with the people who administer that process, but most […]

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Thanks for supporting the ‘Bottle Deposit’ initiative!

Kiwi Bottle Drive are running a campaign to have a Bottle Deposit Scheme in Aotearoa.
That could mean less waste to landfill, more getting recycled…and some great benefits for
our community!

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