Event Trailer

Our awesome Recycling Trailer is available to be booked by any community member or group.  The trailer includes bins and signage and can be customised for cans, paper, plastics and glass bottles, or as required for your Event.

The trailer is free to hire and a $50 bond (Eftpos only)is payable upon pick up to encourage correct sorting of product!

At the end of your Event return the trailer, then empty and sort the recyclables collected. Once you’re done your bond is returned. Easy !!

Note: Recyclables must be CLEAN, and uncontaminated (eg.by food, rubbish or other products)

We can’t recycle contaminated product so it will be the hirer’s responsibility to dispose of it at the nearest transfer station:(

Thats not the best outcome so a bit of pre-planning before your event will go a long way to keeping things clean and green!   Top tip  Position your trailer in a visible area, have good signage and position adequate rubbish receptacles to collect the non-recyclable waste. AND keep an eye on whats going in to the trailer!


The Recycling Trailer is a great asset for the community, and its booked most weekends.

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