WRRC reopening Tuesday 28 April 2020

The Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre will open for recycling and green waste collection services from Tuesday 28 April 2020


During COVID-19 Alert Level 3, only the front of the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre will be open for recycling.


Monday – Sunday       09.00am – 10.00am    ONLY OPEN TO CITIZENS 65+

Monday – Sunday       10.00am – 04.30pm     OPEN TO ALL -Due to queues and long delays the time of closing may vary.

Monday – Sunday.      04.30pm – 09.00am     CLOSED (Centre will not be accessible during these hours)

We are experiencing heavy volumes and long DELAYS so please follow instructions.


Staff will manage traffic flow in Maria Place and into the centre.

There will be no walking access to the front of the centre at any time,


A maximum of (6) vehicles will be permitted access at any one time.

ONE OUT – ONE IN policy

ONLY (1) PERSON from each vehicle is permitted to recycle.


Greenwaste entrance is on the left furthest driveway from the Fire Station. Follow signs.

Drive directly to the greenwaste pit and remain in your vehicle.

An operator will process your payment and give further instructions.



We will not be accepting these products during COVID-19 Alert Level 3 status.


We must apply these stringent controls to preserve the basic principle and purpose for

COVID-19 Alert Level 3 status, to restrict contact with others by implementing effective hygiene practices, maintaining a physical distance and contactless engagement. Community cooperation and calm is encouraged and will ensure a safe environment and experience.

Dale Cobb 

Centre Manager


*NEW* ReSource Whanganui website

We’re pleased to be in collaboration with Whanganui District Council and Sustainable Whanganui on this new website. ReSource Whanganui is an A to Z directory specifically for our Whanganui community to learn more about how to Re-educate ourselves to Reduce and Reuse as well as Recycle more of what we currently send to landfill.

Whanganui Schools – Playing their part in Recycling

Did you know that once a month, our team here at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre visit no less than 24 schools in the greater Whanganui region to collect recycled waste.

Give us a call on 06 348 7950, and we will put you in touch with the people who administer that process, but most importantly,



Thanks for supporting the ‘Bottle Deposit’ initiative!

Kiwi Bottle Drive NZ took a petition to Parliament on the 4th December as part of a nationwide campaign for a Bottle Deposit Scheme.

What’s that?  A bottle what???            Think bottle drives….money for bottles…trash for cash……..yep and they’re also known as container deposit schemes.

Systems where you can get cash refunds for beverage containers. This was a hit in the 70’s and 80’s and bottle drives were a common form of fundraising. They’re doing it now in Australia and most other countries, and if Aotearoa were to bring it back in, what a difference it would make. People could raise funds; Recycling would be hugely boosted and  there’d be massive reductions in waste getting buried or ending up in our oceans!

Last month our hard working team at the WRRC collected hundreds of signatures which went to Wellington with the Campaign team.

We offer a hearty Thank You to everyone who supported this initiative!


Want to learn more??  There’s some cool videos you can watch. Visit the Kiwi Bottle Drive website.


Celebrating Successes..we’re all in this together.

Te Manu Atatū Award

The Te Manu Atatū – Whanganui Māori Business Network Awards were held mid 2017.  There were some fabulous Award categories and many local businesses took part in the event. Some have been around for a while and others are just emerging on to the scene.  Our Resource Recovery Centre entered the Mauri Awa Environmental Excellence category and took out First place. How awesome is that for a new venture!!

We are all so proud of our collective achievements. The Mauri Award award is the third acknowledgement the WRRC has received since start up in 2013. In 2014 we were placed as a finalist in the Minimising our Waste category at the national Green Ribbon Awards in Wellington then later that year we won the Community Innovation category at the NZ Sustainable Business Network Awards held in Auckland.

Pictured at the Te Manu Atatu Awards evening are Ken Mair (Chair of the WRRC Trust), Ramari (Beverley) Te Uamairangi (WRRC Manager) and Kahukura Waiariki (Staff Representative).

A great night enjoyed by all.



Cardboard Maze

7th-11th October

It’s recycling in the name of child’s play. A group of Whanganui children spent Saturday building a giant maze out of recycled material as part of the Global Cardboard Challenge and then they opened their creation up to the public. The event, organised by the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre in conjunction with Sustainable Whanganui, was held in the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre’s education room. It attracted over 100 maze adventures during it’s 4 day opening period.

One of the organisers, Catriona Atkinson, said the event was about encouraging kids to play and create with cardboard boxes. “The kids mostly did it with a bit of support. It has a lot of potential for kids.”

Such events helped children develop a positive connection with the recycling centre.

“It would be cool if there were more different things happening in Whanganui for next year.”

Lola Fisher (9) and Calexico Fisher (6) took the Chronicle on a tour through the cardboard maze, pointing out the walkie talkie, a stained-glass window, a couch, circus tent and a number of dead ends.

The Global Cardboard Challenge is an annual event organised by the Imagination Foundation. It was inspired by a short film about a 9-year-old boy who built an elaborate cardboard arcade in Los Angeles.

The Whanganui contingent was the only New Zealand group taking part.

Children can build anything they can dream up using cardboard and recycled materials.

For the full article head to the Whanganui Chronicle website.