How Can I Do My Bit?

How can I do my bit?

Reduce: The best thing you can do to help the environment is to reduce the amount of waste you are creating. Take a good look at what you’re buying. How much packaging is there? Do you really need it? Simple actions like reducing the amount of plastic bags you use can make a huge difference over time.

Reuse: Many items can be reused multiple times before they are thrown away or recycled. Used jam jars can be used as containers or old t-shirts can be turned into rags. Plastic bottles can be re-used as water bottles or turned into water squirters. Use your imagination, how can you reuse your trash? There is also a reuse academy on site run by Sustainable Whanganui where you can find all kinds of wonderful items to reuse – come down and check it out.

Recycle: Instead of throwing everything in the trash bring it down to us. We love to take your recyclable items and help turn them into something new.

Wash your recyclables.

Please make sure your recyclables are free from food scraps and other contaminants. Eat those crusts in the pizza boxes, rinse out your milk bottles and wash out dishwashing liquid and other soapy bottles.


Put your recycling in the right place.

When you come down to the resource recovery centre make sure you put your recycling in the correct bins. It can be a great idea to sort your recycling at home before you come down.

For all plastic recyclables check to see if there is a number inside the recycling triangle. This will let you know which bin to put it in.

If you are unsure about where an item may go or if it can be recycled just ask one of our friendly staff. They will be glad to help you out.